Thursday, March 25, 2010

According 2 Hip Hop Night Flyer

First, let me preface this post by stating that i will be posting more often, maybe even on a regular basis...don't sleep!

Ok, so now for those that might not be in the know (living under a rock, however you want to term it), Clickartist Media and DRIP Entertainment have come together to present According 2 Hip Hop, the hip hop trivia game for lyric lovers! Currently it is available for iPod Touch and iPhone, with an iPad version coming soon...more posts strictly on that soon.

A couple of weeks ago, we at According 2 Hip Hop threw a celebration night at The Apache Cafe here in the good ol' ATL, showcasing some of the freshest independent hip hop artists around, including Gresekydz, Ekundayo, Transistor Fist, Urban Field Operatives and the Undergrads...and we needed a flyer, ASAP.

Lucky that the friendly neighborhood Clickartist was on the case...

Even though the game is an entire experience in itself, i wanted to direct this more for those that would be interested in the three headline acts. The LED font gave it more of a broadcast feel (who doesn't like their names in lights?), and i had fun messing with the threshold portraits on the other side...

Most of the time went into working the According 2 Hip Hop letterhead out of the original screenshot (preferred over waiting for a rework of it. Time was of the essence), then a slight yellow drop shadow on it pulled it back to it's original glory

And for the record, the show was off the heezy!!!

For more info on According 2 Hip Hop check us out on twitter and on facebook

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Knitted and Fitted

I recently spoke with Stacy Shealey, my client and crochet homegirl from dopelicious & and she told me that her new website just got it's first sale! With fresh crochet headwear stylings i'm sure that this is the first of many more to come!

Plus with such sweet business cards, who wouldn't get a couple of hats?

(Stacy, um...speaking of hats, holla at yo boy!)

Make sure you check out her work and support at and

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My new business card

As a creative professional it is often tough to work on a project for yourself...i'm good at being demanding of myself. So when it came time to work on my card it was a challenge.

I have had previous cards with examples of my photographic work, so this time i wanted to highlight some design savy and keep it relatively simple, so i'm using only fonts and my logo (which happens to be a signature - with only type).

I think it's dope - what do you think?